Understand How Kids Learn


Parents often face the challenge of understanding how their kids learn. The confusion and lack of knowledge in this matter have led to many parents distancing themselves and letting teachers handle everything. We’re currently living in a digital age with many new sources for educational content. It’s a prime opportunity for parents to help their children learn efficiently and effectively. 

Kids are born ready to learn. Their brains develop through constant use. Your kids require a stimulating environment with various ways to learn and play. They also need different ways to practice what they’re learning. Kids learn best when they can have warm and responsive relationships with their parents. 

So, it’s crucial that you as a parent first understand how children learn. This way, you will be able to select the best platforms and educational materials for your kids. To help you comprehend how kids learn, here is an interview with Katarina Gospic, world-renowned neuroscientist, and Dr. Katarina Gospic. They discuss various topics such as learning flow and why it’s important to allow your child to take more risks while learning. They offer compelling accounts to help parents understand what’s happening in their kids’ minds when they are learning. 

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