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For kids in class 1 – 6

Mobile game platform that will turn any smartphone into a fun, interactive classroom.

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Tizi Educational Games

We’ve designed a fun set of educational games that will improve your child’s memory, concentration and learning skills. Our games are easy for young hands to control, and have clear instructions that will get them playing (and shh… learning!) right away!

Shule Safari

Spot the Difference

Connect the Dots

Explosive Math

Mara Memory Match

For just Ksh 10 per week per child

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*All our games are grade-level focused and built around the current Kenyan curriculum. Your kids will play games that are targeted to what they learn in class.

What subjects does Tizi cover?

All our games as targeted to kids class and the current Kenyan curriculum. Every game is designed to be amazing fun, while sneaking in subtle Maths, Science and Language lessons that your kids won’t even notice!


Practice mathematical operations, fractions, and simple counting numbers through games


Learning through colouring, labelling & practical art skills useful in school work.


Essential skills in reading, writing, and language development through simple games.
A boy playing language games on Tizi Games using his smartphone
A young girl enjoying educational games
young African boy enjoying educational games on a smartphone

Play Anytime, Any Where

All our games are web based. No downloads!
Your kids can access and play the games any where and at anytime!
No contract, no obligation, cancel any time.