Tizi Games to help boost Children’s Memory and Cognitive Skills


Humans are nothing without our memories; they make us who we are. Memory plays a crucial role in every part of our lives. It’s everything from recollecting our childhood occurrences to remembering where we left our smartphone, keys, and books. Memories give us a sense of self and constitute our experience of life.

One might look at memory as a filing cabinet that stores away information until we need them. The reality is that we create our memories through a complex process that involves various parts of our brain and continuous training. Developing children’s memory skills from a tender age is vital. Among the best tools that can help you in this process are games.

Memory games are fun and interactive. They strengthen core cognitive skills that improve your kids’ attention and focus. As a parent, you get to have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Every time your children play memory games, they strengthen their attention, focus more intently, and process information rapidly.

Throughout their development years, we introduce many new and abstract concepts to our kids, which require them to store a lot of information. They have to learn and remember letters, sounds, shapes, words to name a few and store all this information in their short and long-term memories. You now see why memory skills are pretty vital in the scheme of things.
Therefore, when choosing memory games for your children, it’s paramount that you be mindful of their unique personalities. Involve yourself in the process and work with your kids to find memory games that interest them. Tizi makes it easy for you and your child to get the most out of memory games. One of our favorite memory games is the Mara Memory Match.

Mara Memory Match

Playing the Mara Memory Match game is easy. In single-player mode, all your kids have to do is find matching pairs. In the two-player mode, the first player turns over the first pair of cards. If they match, the player continues with another try. If the pair does not match, the second player takes over. Whoever finds the most pairs by the end of the game, wins.

Memory games like Mara Memory Match on Tizi Games enhance brain concentration. They might not know it at the time, but your kids will enjoy practicing their memory and recognition skills while playing this fun game.