Learning Language with Tizi Games


Learning a new language is not a walk in the park. The whole process is complex and time-consuming and demands dedication, hard work, and persistence. To children, learning a language can be frustrating because of everything that goes into it. They have to listen, speak, read, write new alphabets and writing formats. It might be fun when they start but, eventually, they will reach a plateau, and their enthusiasm will diminish.

Luckily, there are various methods to help maintain their interest in learning a language. One of these methods being through educational games. For the longest time, video games have become very popular among children. Today, we consider video games as one of the norms in our mainstream media.  Forbes estimates that 20% of the global population play video games; over 50% are still in school. Using educational games to teach language skills will fit in perfectly.  

Other powerful tools that parents have used to immerse their children in a new language include movies, TV series, and music. They help expand their vocabulary and train their brains to think differently.  

On the other hand, games are an effective language learning tool as this research shows. We all have great memories of some of our favorite games in school that helped in learning. Technological advancements have led to the gamification of some elements of learning a language. Educational games are not just limited to teaching language in classrooms. With just a smartphone, kids immerse themselves in these games, and teachers and parents can track and monitor their progress. 

How can your children use Tizi Games to learn and improve their language skills, and what are the best educational games for language learning? Tizi has four incredible games to help your kids with their vocabulary. They are; Shule Safari, Word Search, This or That, and Spell-O-Rama. Kids can engage in dialogue, learn a variety of grammar structures and new vocabulary. Every time your children play any of these games, they experience a revolutionary way to learn a language through context, interaction, and problem-solving. And they have fun!

Shule Safari

Shule Safari is a great game to boost children’s learning and extend their vocabulary. The mission is simple; help David and Kezzia get back to their school bus by solving the word puzzle. Swipe over any of the words to show the question. Finish each level as fast as possible to get all three stars and get more hints. 

Word Search 

Word Search game is guaranteed to be a favorite. The objective is to find the words listed on the left that are hidden in the puzzle. The words may be placed diagonally, horizontally, vertically, or backward. 

This or That

This or That is just the perfect family game. The game is challenging but fun, entertaining and the kids get to learn new vocabulary. The instructions are simple; choose the right box to solve the puzzle. To solve the level, guide and roll the numbered ball to enter into the right basket and remove the unused block by clicking or tapping on it.


Challenge your kids’ understanding of vocabulary with the Spell-O-Rama educational game on Tizi Games. You can also join in the fun and learn as well and make it a learning experience for the whole family. Playing Spell-O-Rama is easy. All you have to do is fill in the correct letters to spell the names of the depicted images. The letters are being filled from left to right, from first to last, and you can remove filled letters. Each set consists of five questions. Complete it in the given time and gain stars to unlock the next set. There are three kinds of hints to help you;

  • Hint 1- fill in and lock one correct letter. This hint is the cheapest 
  • Hint 2- check filled letters, erase wrong and lock the right ones.
  • Hint 3- fill in the full name; this is the most expensive hint. You can always refill your hint currency by completing level sets.