How to make the most out of your Tizi Games Subscription


Tizi is among the first-ever educational games platform in Kenya. We take pride in setting up a platform that injects fun and entertainment into the learning process among kids. We call it edutainment. Children who use Tizi Games have access to various Math, Language, and Art games based on the Kenyan competency-based curriculum. With a subscription of 10/- per week, kids get a set of games daily that complement what they learn at school. The difficulty of the games increases as the school year progresses.

If this is the first time learning about Tizi Games, sign up here for a free trial, and join a community of modern parents who believe in the power of games in education. If you have an active subscription, we hope you’re enjoying the experience. Here are three tips to make the most out of your subscription. 

Bookmark Tizi Games on all your devices 

If your kids have several devices that they use for their schoolwork and entertainment, ensure that you log in on your Tizi accounts on all devices. After that, bookmark this link on the default browser on all your devices. It will be easier for your kids to access their accounts. Note that you only need one account for all your kids. But remember that you have to create a student account for each of them as per their grade. After you are all set up, enable push notifications to receive important notifications like new games and payment reminders. 

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We post engaging content on our social media platforms daily. We curate the content on our social media for modern parents. Expect daily updates on Tizi Games, tips on parenting in the digital age, and other announcements. We promise not to spam your timeline. Make sure you have turned on post notifications to receive notifications each time we share a new post.

Schedule Tizi Games Time

Signing up on Tizi Games is you investing in your child’s education. For you to get a return on your investment, your kids must access their Tizi Games accounts daily. Set up a time, probably after homework, right before mealtime, for your kids to play educational games on Tizi. On the same note, set up reminders to check on how your kids are using the platform. The student activity tab provides a comprehensive report on time spent on each game. At the end of every week, get your kids’ feedback on what they have learned. Lastly, if you’re loving Tizi Games, refer us to your friends. Sharing is caring!