Boost Your Kids’ Math Skills with Explosive Maths and Tuhesabu Bano games on Tizi


We use Mathematics in almost every aspect of our lives. It’s one of the most fundamental areas of humanity. We start using mathematics even before we can learn how to sit. At the center of it all is the parents’ involvement in teaching their children early math education. It involves providing math-related toys and games, serving as role models, and demonstrating how we use math daily. As much as our kids learn and use math from the first moment they open their eyes, the methods we use to train and improve their skills become remarkably helpful on the quality of their lives. It’s now crucial to understand the significance of math and discover new ways to improve our children’s math skills. It’s the first step to supporting their future success. Technological advancements in education are adding innovative ways to help our children fall in love with math. Gamification, in particular, of core curriculum subjects, is transforming how kids learn. The result has been educational games. Not all kids learn best through books. Regardless of the subjects, including mathematics, whether your kids hate or love them, educational games help instill the love of learning in them. It’s edutainment, At Tizi. Games, we have two incredible math games that your kids will love. We hope they are ready for an epic adventure improving their math skills while playing Explosive Maths and Tuhesabu Bano.

Tuhesabu Bano

Tuhesabu Bano (Swahili slang word meaning to count balls) is based on the classic Banos schoolyard game that many parents grew up playing. It is a game cutting across the ages. The kids get to jog their minds in a more fun and interactive manner every time they play Tuhesabu Bano. They learn how to add, subtract and multiply. All they have to do is select the correct numbers as fast as they can.

Explosive Maths

Explosive Maths is an addition and subtraction game that helps improve mental maths skills and knowledge of number bonds. The mission is simple, solve math problems and save the earth.

Maths games like Tuhesabu Bano and Explosive Maths can improve skills in adding and subtracting numbers because children can practice and have fun at the same time. Tizi.Games have these and more educational games specially designed to give kids another fun way of understanding the most fundamental concepts taught in class.