Art Games on Tizi.Games


Art plays a significant role in children’s education. From making miniature statues from clay or playdough, folding papers to make origami shapes to coloring with crayons, kids learn a lot from art activities. Such activities spike kids’ interest and tap their artistic potential as a first step for their physical, social, and cognitive development.  Thanks to the gamification of various elements of the curriculum, we now have art games. They offer an incredible platform for children to let their little minds grow and flow. Every time they play art games, they improve their creativity which is crucial to their intellectual development. They learn how to express themselves and how to communicate emotionally. 

At Tizi Games, we have several art games that your kids will have fun playing and still learn. Our selection of games helps kids retain information which increases their knowledge. It’s an opportunity for your kids to create their masterpieces and educational drawings that will trigger their excitement and enthusiasm, which leads to better learning. So grab your smartphone, or one of your kids’ devices, sign up on Tizi Games to get them started, and watch their creativity grow. Here are three art games that you will find on Tizi Games. 

Connect The Dots 

The instructions are simple; all the kids have to do is click on the dots from number one to the last number while being careful not to skip any number. The challenge is to connect all the dots in thirty seconds. At the end of every, watch their faces when they realize what they have just drawn. 


Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun art game that helps kids develop their creativity and composition skills. They complete the puzzles by dragging the different pieces into place.

Find 7 Differences

Here is a classic game that the whole family will enjoy. All the kids have to do is identify the differences between the two drawings. To pick out the differences click on the drawings to expose them. Note that each level has a time limit, so watch the clock. Make sure you jump in if your kids cannot find all the differences.