5 benefits of coloring among children


For some time now, coloring as an activity among kids has been on the decline. It is a trend that can be associated with the ever-increasing adoption of smartphones and other devices. Children now watch videos of other children or adults coloring or drawing and fail to follow through. To some parents, coloring might look like a simple task. The truth is that coloring has numerous learning benefits for kids. Tizi Games has managed to bring two components, technology, and coloring, with Coloring Book. Coloring Book is an incredible educational tool that takes coloring to another level with an immersive experience that excites and motivates children. 

Benefits of coloring among children 

Helps in motor development

Coloring activities involve different body parts, which help in the improvement of children’s motor skills. All the motions and movements that go into coloring such as holding a mouse or using fingers to manipulate drawing tools can help in muscle development in fingers, wrists, and hands. Well-developed motor skills help children to write, type and manipulate objects. 

Helps in color recognition

Coloring is the perfect activity for introducing colors to children. A lot of kids experience their first exposure to colors through coloring activities. They get an opportunity to learn and identify new and lesser-known colors and explore different color combinations. Eventually, they get to see how different colors change the appearance of objects. 

Coloring Book on Tizi Games

Coloring Book on Tizi Games

Helps in language development

In their development years, kids require a lot of activities where they get to express themselves. Coloring gives children an opportunity to talk and learn new words and sentences. They use descriptive words when coloring and talk about their feelings when seeing new drawings and selecting colors. Coloring also helps in the development of critical thinking abilities. 

Stimulates creativity

Coloring ushers children into a world where they can express their creativity. Kids always create imaginary scenarios in their minds before coloring. Therefore, sign up today on Tizi Games, show your children the Coloring Book game, and set them free. This will be a decision that will lead to many highly desired outcomes. Your kids will start to think by themselves about different color combinations that they can use to achieve an appealing look on the drawings. 

Offers a sense of pride and accomplishment

As a parent, you have a big responsibility of creating an environment that gives your children opportunities to gain self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. With coloring, kids can create things that are pleasing aesthetically and that they can be proud of achieving. Such wins help in the positive development of children’s personalities. 

Coloring Book on Tizi.Games 

Coloring Book is the digital version of a physical book😃. The game provides an opportunity for kids to color, and get excited about coloring all at the same time. Every time your children play Coloring Book, they strive to achieve an outcome, a colored drawing. They feel motivated to see their colored drawing come to life. The game offers them an opportunity to download their paintings and either save or print them.